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We had some rally great results from (Round 1) I will share with you below. This is why I decided to release ROUND 2


My Mission

 - is to help Women to create the body You LOVE

Have wondered how I have helped my Clients till now without counting the calories and doing endless cardio? 


Or maybe we have chatted already a little here and there?


I might have something for you!


Most people don’t get the results they are looking for because

 they lack ACCOUNTABILITY and most importantly SUPPORT. 😔

Does this sound like you?

  • You exercise every day, eat little and still cannot lose weight?

  • Feel trapped in the loop, of Starting the healthy lifestyle and in two weeks - going off the plan

  • Following free generic exercise plans and still cannot seem to find the right one for you?

  • You have trouble committing to regular workouts, hard to stay CONSISTENT?

  • Lack of MOTIVATION?

Listen, no more wondering and guessing and getting lost with your choices.

Snapshot 2020-06-28 17.02.31.png

What I am here to do is

get your

AS* into



Yes You heard me,,,,,

 MOVE YOUR NEEDLE FORWARD…and STOP wasting your precious time :)


How would you feel to be in a COMMUNITY with other 8 Ladies that are on the same journey as YOU? 


I have come up with a solution for you…. 

Snapshot 2020-06-28 16.55.26.png



To get you out of your COMFORT ZONE, to get you back on a regular workout routine with me in Live.

No excuses. 


To give you a new breath and relieve when it comes to your food choices. You don’t have to be strict with yourself, you have to make smart choices I will teach you.


This exclusive offer will only be available for 6 ladies, so that we can work closer together to get you living your best life. 

You don't have to join us,

BUT if you DO,,,


As what you have been doing so far hasn't worked or is not working anymore,

I will give you a new perspective on how you will look at the food and deep understanding of your food choices to make on a daily basis.

You will develop new habits. You will not want to quit as it feels that good, as you see and feel results instantly.


Here it is,,,,





23rd November- 20th December 2020 (4 weeks)

  • Nutritional Assessment / Tailored Food Advice

  • 3x a week PT/Pilates Sessions LIVE with me via Zoom -IMPORTANT - I will be assessing your moves while you are active and correct you if needed - I have some good exercises for you, away from boring - bring the NEW IN

  • Community / Special Private FB Group where I will keep you accountable on your Food choices and activities, where you will feel safe and supported

  • Regular Everyday tips from me on our PRIVATE FB Group and NEW habit input


What I need from you? 

Be teachable and let me teach you the truth about food. 

It is so much more than just energy/ calories.


Available 3x a week for our group sessions for 4 weeks. Availability

adjusted for most of the ladies - recording available on request.


I need you to be as honest as possible with me, this is the only way I can sail you in the right direction. 


I promise you, I will NOT let you down,,,


All I ask you is to,,,


Even if you feel RESISTANCE, it is normal, I have been there.

On the other side of resistance is GROWTH and PROGRESS, learned lesson.


I am offering FIRST 4 LADIES that sign up with me till 21st of November


Will get a  1h  1:1 Nutritional Therapy Session with me which will be your golden hour, as anything that you deal with right now, we will be addressed there and your unique protocol will be sent afterwards.

And Follow up in 6 weeks time. (Worth £222)

Don’t expect it to be a regular meal plan,

I don’t work like that - I give you the best of me and you will help you to break free from the place of confusion and you will be choices for every day in a smart way, no more uncertainty.  

We are ON : 23rd of November till 20th of December

ONLY 6 Ladies in TOTAL

Original Price:


I am Giving a SPECIAL Offer


Monthly Payment is available

£111 x6 

First 4 Ladies that sign up with me till 21st of November will Get the full

Nutritional Therapy Consultation Worth £222

I call it ,, The GOLDEN'' hour, because you will gain so much value

and clarity. I can Guarantee you that. 

Total: 6 Spaces 

Take the First Step and I will Guide you from there.


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