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Conscious Feminine Mind and Body Coach | Nutrition coach - therapist

Feel Empowered to connect with,

and create the body you LOVE.

Serve your soul  and body through Fitness and Nutrition by tapping in and taking action.


Exercise and diet fuels our soul and mind, that has a deep meaning and connection.  

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Gabriella Rados, 30

Project Administrator, London, UK

I did join the Group Coaching. I could not recommend it enough. Both the workouts and the meals were great for a person like me who does not like to exercise and prefers to pay for ready made meals. It's a great package where you get 24/7 support during the Program, learn something new every day and work out 3x a week. I have seen great results in these 4 weeks and am looking forward to maintaining good habits and achieving my dream body one day. I know with Inese's advice and workouts I will get there :)


Laura Hagger, 48

Podiatrist, Ireland

After completing to work with Inese, I didn’t want to stop, I wanted to keep going with my progress as I lost 5kg within the first 4 weeks. I am so grateful for what you have done for me and my body. I feel THE BEST in over 10 years, I feel Younger, Fitter, Healthier. I love Your approach and the time that you give for each client. The most important thing is that you care about the outcome, and that makes the difference, compared to signing up for any other Coaching Program.


Thank You, Forever Grateful x 

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Yulia Giancola, 32

Index Solutions, VP, Manager UK

Inese is a fantastic Health and Fitness Coach - her approach is truly holistic and she takes into account not only your physical state but the emotional one as well. It is super easy to work with her. She is really keen on making you progress.

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Melissa Kelly, 37

ROAR, Fierce Feminine Rising Magazine Founder, Canada

This whole process has been changing me immensely, both internally and externally, my fridge looks different, my apartment is different.

The week has been mostly amazing. My best friend says he already sees the difference in me  I’m literally almost down to the body weight I desire. Just have to work on my muscle growth but keep this weight now. 

So basically it went from my body needing two days to adjust. Feeling awesome and almost forgetting about the bloating cause it just wasn’t happening to having a bit of a reset with my body detoxing sugars and caffeine. I’m learning and preferring to make vegan meals.
I know it's been really, really such an amazing process of just even seeing my new way of being. Um, thank you for being one of my soul sisters on this journey. I am grateful for you, and everything that you've done. And for you stepping into your light to be able to help other women. I will highly recommend you to everybody I know. 

It’s also become more clear to me what throws my body off and how easily it is thrown off when I don’t stick to clean eating.

Thank you for being a part of helping me to reach out my higher vibration to catch up with my gifts.

I am lighter, softer and more vulnerable now since I healed that part of myself and just let go. I have had two close friends tell me they noticed.


Shabana, 31

Teacher Assistant, London, UK 

Hi Inese, firstly I would like to just say thank you for finding an option for me so I’m able to be coached under your care and secondly for your time. It’s lovely to meet someone who is so passionate about what they do. After our Call, I knew I’m mentally ready to push through my injuries, no excuses.
I need to get over this and push through so although i wanna take it light I’m prepared to challenge myself 
 Thank you again x


Alex Maclean

Singer, London, UK 

Inese Zute is an excellent practitioner, with wonderful insight and a great practical approach to get you really healthy. She tackled all my health issues and concerns with great detail and came up with great solutions and ideas for favourite food substitutes , so you feel you are getting healthy without missing out on flavoursome food!


Sushma Anada

Barrister, London, UK

Inese is a great Coach! I have been training with her for prenatal PT sessions during my second pregnancy and have felt much stronger as a result. Highly recommend her to all pregnant women!


Bessie Austin

Founder at Austin Austin London, UK 

Fantastic Fitness Coach - adapts workouts perfectly throughout pregnancy. Is encouraging, friendly and makes sure each session is carefully tailored to your needs that week. Always available for tips and recommendations on kit and activities between sessions. 

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Clare Bolton

Publisher of GCR, GDR, Lawyer at LACCA Business Research, London, UK 

I'm now 8.5 months pregnant and am sure the main reason I'm still mobile is thanks to Inese! She's been very helpful in keeping me motivated, tailoring the exercise for the growing bump, and maintaining strength and flexibility. Am looking forward to working with her after the birth to get back into shape..

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Charlotte Symes

Senior Associate at family Law in Partnership,  London, UK

I would highly recommend Inese for personal training during pregnancy - she has given me the confidence to know which exercises I should/shouldn't do and the motivation to keep fit throughout. Looking forward to getting back into fitness with Inese after the birth too!


Renata Spinelli

Capoeira Teacher, Malta

Inese helped me with a chronic candida condition that I've been suffering with for over 15 years. She put together a tailor made program for me so that I could follow each and every step for better health. There were a lot of things to remember but she made it manageable. My symptoms improved significantly whilst on the diet. Inese's attention to detail, yummy recipes and whatsApp support throughout the programme were invaluable. I will definitely be recommending her to anyone with similar problems or GUT problems. I am now working on the emotional issues related to candida and will be trying the same programme she created for me for maximum effect


Rita Chiodoni, 67

Freelance Publisher, Rome, Italy 

Dear Inese, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful advice. Without exaggeration I use this adjective because your program with your oils is proving to be very effective. As you know, I suffer from post-herpetic neuralgia for several years and with the use of melaleuca + lavender + roman chamomile mixed with coconut oil spraying and slightly rubbing on the inflamed parts I found immense benefits. I am also taking lemon or frankincense oregano drops mixed with a few drops of olive oil in vegetable capsules twice a day, after lunch and after dinner Thank you so much.



Mother, From Thailand

I have been going to the gym for 12 years and I was very happy with using the machines, never had any session with a personal trainer and I have to say training with Inese is amazing. At the moment I've already felt the whole body. Thanks again your program is working very well.. thank you x

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