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The power of this work

is immersive

 Your Body is trying
to communicate
with you, 
are you listening?


I am offering a different perspective shift, helping women to tap into a whole different way of being and living in their bodies and in their life. 


Dropping into their feminine energy and eating with intention and healing those parts of themselves that are holding them back from being their higher self at their full potential. 

It can  be hard to understand why your body is acting against you. 

It can be hard to believe that it is actually trying to communicate with you.


Are you aligned with your actions?

Are you truly going for what you like, or pleasing others, doing it because it is the right thing to do?

Energy you carry, and the energy around you has a huge impact in your life.


It can block you from embodying the body you love, recovering from chronic conditions, and getting better with your personal health. 


It can appear such as anxiety, causing your condition to get even worse such as endometriosis, PCOS, Fibroids, more flare ups, stronger PMS symptoms, more frequent headaches, recurring stomach issues, you name it. 


It is just your body trying to communicate with you - to come back and reconnect with the message that awaits you in your soul's journey. 


Each of us have our weak spots in the body. 


Your body’s message to you will get louder and louder through signs and symptoms,manifesting in different forms, till you come back to yourself and say yes to yourself - that you are now ready to do the work, you are ready to do anything it takes. 


It is time to start making the shift for Real. 


You might have tried every single thing on the planet, but I can confirm, you haven't. 

This is why you are on this page. 

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During the 1:1 Intuitive Alchemy Coaching Session my biggest breakthrough was meeting and conversation with my younger self, which felt so emotional, natural and so needed. I realised how blessed I am with myself now, that I can be such a support to all my younger selfs who still need some help. And that we are one strong team.

I definitely take away realisation that no one is obliged to do or feel what I am hoping or expecting  them to do or feel. This brought me such a relief to my overthinking and showed other perspective which I would like to pay more attention to.

I believe that this inner work during the session will have a huge impact on my future life, because it made me realise one very important thing - before I make assumptions about how others have to treat me or react towards me I have to look inside,  why it is so important to me and how it mirrors my own beliefs, values and where it comes from etc.

I would definitely  recommend these kind of sessions to anyone who want to become better versions of themselves and take the responsibility of life in their own hands.

Why Inese? Because she builds such a safe and comfy space where you won’t fear to show your vulnerability. You can feel that she does it from her heart with full attention, support and no judgement.

Anda Upeniece

Outdoor Coach

Non-formal educations trainings


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I have a deep message for you,,,,,

Personally I don’t just focus on the Nutritional side of it, as ,,Food is Medicine’’,  or just workout techniques, I focus on energetics and emotions that are being held in the area of the body that you are having constant issues with. 


It is life changing - when you discover this for yourself. 

The story of my life. 


This is how I got myself into this method, that we are not just Bodies, we are vessels that carry energy, that keeps changing every minute and second, and sometimes the energy gets stagnant and is blocked in our cells - manifesting is signs, and symptoms, when ignored transforms into conditions


- It is Your job to bring vitality to the body part that is sending you all these signals. 


Many times It is not so easy to do it on your own. 


I had many coaches that worked with me on my energetics.


They just supervised me, and I had to do the work. It was not exactly a walk in the park as it sounds like, it requires dedication to trust your body again, to learn the queues that your body is giving you, and learn how to respond or prevent them from repeating over and over again. 

Your body loves you

Your Body is holding wisdom

Your body is trying to communicate with you 


Your body is NOT against you

Your Body is your Answer, it holds the key to step up in your life

Your Body is your vessel, your home


How well can you both work together?

How well are you connected to it? 

How well can you read your body's messages that speak directly with you? 


How are you reacting to life?

How are you responding to triggers that keep showing up regularly? 

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-16 at

Laura Hagger, Ireland

After completing to work with Inese, I didn’t want to stop, I wanted to keep going with my progress as I lost 5kg within the first 4 weeks.

I am so grateful for what you have done for me and my body. I feel THE BEST in over 10 years, I feel Younger, Fitter, Healthier.

I love Your approach and the time that you give for each client. The most important thing is that you care about the outcome, and that makes the difference, compared to signing up for any other Coaching Program.


Aren’t you tired of ...

not being in your own skin, always in pain, always in body aches, tired, acid reflux, ibs, flare ups, constant headaches, anxiety, depression, anorexic symptoms, constantly battling with food, overexercising and not seeing any results?


Eating healthy, but nothing is shifting? 


Aren’t you tired of...

not understanding your Body, feeling it is against you and slowing you down in your busy, hectic life? 


,,, that is blocking you from experiencing the freedom of your food choices, of goals that you are desiring, the body that you wish you would have, Healthy, Vibrant,  full of energy.


Your desired  body shape you are in love with? 


How long will you be caring for suppressed emotions that have manifested into your body as a condition that keeps you away from experiencing life full of joy and forgetting the heaviness when it comes to your body's health, your hormones, your love life, your relationships, your work. 


How long will you be holding yourself back from being your highest self - that is part of you, in the flow, always knowing, connected, embodied women that you are. 


You might not realise that you are even carrying them. 


All the blocks in your life, in your health, in your body that you are experiencing, can be only addressed if we get to the root cause of it all. 


It might be in front of you, and you would never ever consider it as being part of the cause. 


When you reach the peak and are ready to heal that part of yourself that you might not even know you carry, shift is immerse on all levels in your life. 


You will have a hard time keeping up with them. 

The shift I am offering you is to take that turn, for infinite possibilities that are awaiting you, when you take that step,

towards you- saying yes to yourself.




Next time the pain hits, you would be much more prompt to deal with it, because you will recognise the roots, and will be able to remove it by yourself, as your awareness of it would expand higher. 


To put yourself as a priority and not feeling guilty about it 


To stop feeling unwanted peoples energies around you, while being in the environment where they are. 


To consciously create a safe energetic grid around you, that brings you into feeling in your own energy, no matter where you are, especially in crowds- especially if you are an empath’’- highly sensitive soul just like me.



Consciously avoiding Flares of your condition, no matter what it is, and recognising the pattern if repeating - on the spot and being able to deal with it as a powerful being that you are. 


To clearly see your own situation from a higher perspective, away from your own stories you have built up on. 


To be able to go to the workplace and to feel like a heavy lift is affected by the work environment you are surrounding yourself with.


To feel free and light - away from heavy energetical weight that you carry with you


To workout smart, and not the hard way? Giving you better results by doing less, without pushing yourself till you die, or feeling guilty of taking time to rest. 


If you are in a situation you are in need for guidance and deep heart to heart support, with moving forward with your Body

and your life, then it is a sign that you are on this page,

reading it right now.  

It is going to help you in your life moving forward towards your dreams and goals, you are here to manifest. 


By simply listening to your own body and making these adjustments needed, under your own guidance, trusting your own inner intuition. 

Are you ready to be blown away by the



Are you ready for a huge shift in your life,

and in your health? 


Are you ready to upgrade to highly vibrating in your body

and in your life? 

There is so much power in this work, when you shift the energy and transform into expansion,

set yourself finally free from long awaited freedom

in your own skin, in your body. 


 I cannot wait to start working with you.



where I don’t need to know anything about you at the first place 






Pretty much my personal journey here on the plate for you.


Intuitive Reading



I will help to bring you from being stuck to unstuck within the call.

It will serve you in guidance for a situation, you might be feeling lost, anxious, agitated, sad for no reason, confused, lost and stuck. 

This Intuitive Reading will bring you clarity on your next step.


I will be able to read your CURRENT REALITY of what is going on, and possible cause of it. 

I will tune into the VISION of your highest self, regards this situation of what is possible for you..

The most important part of the reading is BRIDGE. It will allow you to get clear on your next step you can take  away from the call. 


You have to stay open, whatever comes to me, I will express it easily for you to receive the message that you have to receive.



Stepping Stone Session



I will help you to heal  wounds that are still present in your life, that keeps you away from where you want to be, with your body, health, life and relationships. 


This session can make an immense shift on your own perspective and projection on how you have been seeing your life so far -  situations that keep repeating over and over again. 


 You have been running on a subconscious program, that is not serving you any longer. 


This session is such a gift to yourself. 


Especially when you are triggered, in pain, in suffering, in conflict with another person, unresolved issues with your parents, siblings or people you surround yourself with. 


You feel energy blocks in your body, such as your throat, your solar plexus, your womb, your heart space.


These are the suppressed and stagnant energy that does not allow you to speak out, express yourself, and fully step into your power. 


this session will help to make space in your body and in your life. 

It takes one session to make the shift on all levels in your life, not only your body. 


Heart to Heart Connection and Transformation

on all levels

3 Months


(Monthly Payment plan is

available on request )

 3 x 60-90 min sessions/Month for 3 months

Together 9 x 60-90 min sessions


Outside Sessions -

Full Support Mon-Friday

via (WhatsApp)


I work intuitively, and led by my strong intuition I will provide you with specific for your session related TOOLS (worth Gold) to boost the transition from one session to another to lead you to transformation. 


Don’t expect each session to be the same, as it will be designed unique to you only. It all depends how open you are to receive, make the change and be the change that you desired for yourself. 


You are one step away.


Come with me on a 

6 Months Journey

Save: £747

 and PAY ONLY £5229

Click Below >

(Monthly Payment plan is

available on request )





Intuitive Work Reviews

I signed up to work with Inese  to improve my physical health. I was overweight, depressed and not very active. I did not like myself and my body very much. My self image and self esteem were low. I also isolated myself because I did not feel good about being seen. You could even say I hated myself back then.

My goal was to learn how to take better care of myself and my health, and hopefully I would feel better about myself along the way.


After working with Inese I have lost weight. I have become more active again, and my self esteem and self image has gradually improved. I did not just lose weight working with Inese. I also let go of many outdated, limited beliefs about myself and who I am. I have learned about the importance of self love and self acceptance, and how important it is to put yourself first and live an authentic life.


Monica, 42 years old, from Norway

Monica Roen


Animal Healer

Strengthening Bond

between people and

animal world

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