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I signed up to work with Inese  to improve my physical health. I was overweight, depressed and not very active. I did not like myself and my body very much. My self image and self esteem were low. I also isolated myself because I did not feel good about being seen. You could even say I hated myself back then.

My goal was to learn how to take better care of myself and my health, and hopefully I would feel better about myself along the way.


After working with Inese I have lost weight. I have become more active again, and my self esteem and self image has gradually improved. I did not just lose weight working with Inese. I also let go of many outdated, limited beliefs about myself and who I am. I have learned about the importance of self love and self acceptance, and how important it is to put yourself first and live an authentic life.


Monica, 42 years old, from Norway

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one-to-one Soul led transformation coaching

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During the 1:1 Intuitive Alchemy Coaching Session my biggest breakthrough was meeting and conversation with my younger self, which felt so emotional, natural and so needed. I realised how blessed I am with myself now, that I can be such a support to all my younger selfs who still need some help. And that we are one strong team.

I definitely take away realisation that no one is obliged to do or feel what I am hoping or expecting  them to do or feel. This brought me such a relief to my overthinking and showed other perspective which I would like to pay more attention to.

I believe that this inner work during the session will have a huge impact on my future life, because it made me realise one very important thing - before I make assumptions about how others have to treat me or react towards me I have to look inside,  why it is so important to me and how it mirrors my own beliefs, values and where it comes from etc.

I would definitely  recommend these kind of sessions to anyone who want to become better versions of themselves and take the responsibility of life in their own hands.

Why Inese? Because she builds such a safe and comfy space where you won’t fear to show your vulnerability. You can feel that she does it from her heart with full attention, support and no judgement.

Anda Upeniece, 33 years old, from Latvia- live in Portugal


 I believe that every single WOMAN has an immense POWER within—and the ability to feel worthy, valuable, empowered, joyful and free, IN LOVE with her OWN BODY every single day.  When you get to know your body and start loving it unconditionally, the magic happens and your body starts to change shape. This is truly freeing from anything that no longer serves you- and welcome you Feminine Power into your Body to stay forever. 


One- to One Coaching is about unlocking your potential that already exists within you, and show you the path based on truth unique to your body and soul. I will help you to get to the root of the cause of your battle with your own body image, your own limiting patterns. I will guide you to see what you don’t see for yourself so that you can Create the Body YOU LOVE. 

You cannot see Yourself as I can see You. We need that reflection, to open the doors for us to step up and break free from the battle that has been suppressed over years. I Connect,Tune In with the Higher Source to guide you through your Body and Soul Transformation on a deeper Level.

I will teach you how to connect with your body and start feeling it, every sign, every warning, every sensation will be awaken, so that you can feel what your body needs, what your body is missing so that you will never need to look from outward sources. All the answers are within YOU.


It is time for you to step up and raise above. You deserve to be free and truly deeply happy in your own body, knowing that everything it needs you know what it is on the spot. 


It needs your Love and Attention

just like your loved ones around you.

For the past decade I have been dedicated to my own healing and transformational journey.

Willing to do whatever it took to rewrite the stories that defined me and release the old patterns and behaviours that were causing me harm. 

Throughout this process I have completely transformed the girl I once was - anorexic with self-destroying patterns, obsessed with body image, starvation, overeating, the girl with zero self-worth/ esteem, chronic Gut issues, Constant health problems, monthly doctor visits.

Today I live fully in my power, inside-out,  full of energy and vitality with a mission to help other Women like me to set free from the prison of controlling every single bit about your body and let pure energy to do its job, raising your vibration so that everything else happens for you naturally even the desired weight and body composition that lasts forever. 

I am living proof that anything is possible and transformation is available to us all. It all starts from within and then reflects outwards. Your body, your energy, your mind is the direct reflection on your internal world, which often carry traumas and unresolved internal conflicts that you carry with you subconsciously.

Working with me as your coach will be the most loving and powerful investment you will make for yourself. I will help you break free of the self-destructive patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you and guide you through a process to heal the past and allow a new experience of who you are to unfold.

With 10 years deep training and expertise in Personal Training, Pilates, Ante-Post Natal Fitness and Nutrition, Nutritional Therapy (CNM Medicine College), Transformational® Breath Facilitator Intern,  Inner Child Work Course, Natural Success Alchemy all 3 Curriculum, and many hours spent in a self-study environment to answer all my personal questions that are still ongoing, I work with mind, body, heart, soul and spirit. We will not only shift your beliefs and perceptions, but heal the emotional blocks, energy and flow that run throughout your soul body.

It will serve you in a powerful way so that you break free from being in a body that does not represent your soul and you will

Create the Body you Love for the 1st time in your life and be the Women you were always meant to be......

Lets Get Started

If you would like to work with me ONE-to-ONE, get in touch to arrange  your 

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After completing to work with Inese, I didn’t want to stop, I wanted to keep going with my progress as I lost 5kg within the first 4 weeks.

I am so grateful for what you have done for me and my body. I feel THE BEST in over 10 years, I feel Younger, Fitter, Healthier.

I love Your approach and the time that you give for each client. The most important thing is that you care about the outcome, and that makes the difference, compared to signing up for any other Coaching Program.

Thank You, Forever Grateful x 

Laura 48 years Old, Ireland

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