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My Story

Nice to see your Soul Landing on this Page. 

Nothing is coincidence, so let it be. 


My name is Inese Zute, Born in Latvia, I  have lived in London for the last 15 teen years. 

My Hobby -Nature Lover and Tree Hugger. 


I am gifted in feeling people’s energies around me,  I used to think it was a burden, but actually it turned out to be my greatest gift that I am given. 


I just had to find the right teachers to point that out and teach me how to work with my own energy to be  the best contribution to this world. 


Throughout my years of studies finding answers for myself, my health, my growth, my life - gaining multiple qualifications throughout my life,  I have found answers that have led me to be here and now - seeing Life from a different perspective. 


What we have learned, and borrowed from others as ours, are keeping us stuck- with health, life, our body, our food choices, our happiness and Joy in this life.  


We are more than Just a Body. 


Every symptom, physical & emotional, is a leading thread to a true answer that we look for outside, but actually it starts within.


When someone tells me that they don’t feel well, or are ill, I see it from a different perspective as a change to shift things in life, as a body’s language to choose you first, to stop doing what is not working, and start doing you - who you really are. 

why me

Who am i?

I am a Conscious Feminine Mind and Body Coach

Creator of a Soul Dance, 

Certified Transformational® Breath Facilitator &

Co-Founder of Back to Balance Academy

for Women


I help Women Transform their Body and Life. 


I use a unique combination of Breath, Intuitive Coaching,  Menstrual Cycle, Nutritional Therapy, Pre-Post Natal Fitness and Soul Dance to change the core of the old patterns and open up to new possibilities.


I have more than 10 years experience in working with Women Before and After Pregnancy so that they are well nourished Strong and Fit, Supporting throughout their Core Recovery Period for long lasting results. 



I Empower Women to Tune in, Connect,  and Create the Body they Love. 

Using Natural laws of Nutrition, Cyclical Living Formula, activating the body with Fitness -sync with their Cycle, and using Intuitive Alchemy Process, that allows us to get to the core of the seed. 


I am a Co-Founder of Back to Balance Academy where we bring expertise and guidance helping Women navigate their menstrual cycle like a pro. Allowing Menstrual Pain to fade away from controlling their precious lives to freedom. 


I created a Soul Dance to help Women to connect with their Body on a deeper level, on a Soul Level. It is more than just a dance, it is discovery to yourself, your inner you that have been hiding for all this time. 



Certified Transformational® Breath Facilitator

Facilitating Breath Session to transform life's of Women especially Mums to be & Mums with Passion towards helping in those who are ready. 

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You can have it all…

Transform your mind

Transform your Body

transform your life

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